India Song is a ready-to-wear line evoking the beauty of 1930’s India. Inspired by French novelist, Marguerite Duras’ cult book, India Song, Juliette journeyed to India, where she discovered the savoir-faire of master woodblock printers in New Delhi. Channeling visions of women in fine cotton walking in the sun, India Song offers 45 contemporary separates, from signature jumpsuits to chic dresses, outwear, bottoms, and accessories.

The finesse of each print highlight the craftsmanship of artisans who employ traditional hand printing techniques that have remain unchanged since the 10th century. Each print begins life as a wood block, which is then carved and sandpapered in a relief. Multiple blocks of the same pattern are created for coloured prints, one for each colour, and then hand-stamped on fabric, rendering each piece unique.

“I wanted something fresh and soft for our first prints collection. A boho chic spirit. We worked with very high quality cotton and linen, and created our own prints to bring more diversity
to the collection.”